Sales Coaching Survey

Outcomes and Comments from 140 Sales Representatives
  1. In addition to the sales coaching time I spent in the field with Wanda Brown, my sales manager (or another coach) has done sales coaching with me (i.e. observed calls, taking notes, without participating in the call, then giving me feedback and an Action Plan on my use of sales skills) how many times this year?
    • 27.1% (38) - 0 times
    • 22.9% (32) - 1 time
    • 15% (21) - 2 times
    • 13.6% (19) - 3 times
    • 14.2% (20) - 4 times
    • 7.1% (10) - 10 times
  2. The sales coaching I received was:
    • 71.4% (100) - A. Very helpful (tips or feedback make a difference in the way I sell)
    • 22.1% (31) - B. Somewhat helpful (gave me insight and/or skills to use to improve my sales results)
    • 6.4% (9) - C. Neutral (interesting, but neither positive nor negative)
    • 0% - D. Not helpful


    • Coaching helps me tune-up listening skills, questioning skills and understanding objectives.
    • There are many things (not asking open-ended questions, not listening, missing customer opportunities) I didn't realize I was doing until my coach told me about them.
    • In reality, the instruction regarding not talking, identifying and qualifying top 3 needs, emphasis on listening was most helpful. Good training because it’s “real” - better than workshops. Keeps things simple.
    • What I hoped for was a number of calls to be “coached,” then review to determine areas of improvement or any trends that continued to surface during these calls. Most of my time with management ended up being joint calls, which does not help me.
    • I put into practice the suggestions made right away and could see the difference.
  1. At the end of this year, the % of my sales goal I achieved, if I received coaching “X” times:
    • 0 times [average of 38 responses] 98%
    • 1 time [average of 32 responses] 98%
    • 2 times [average of 21 responses] 101%
    • 3 times [average of 19 responses] 106%
    • 4 times [average of 20 responses] 112%
    • 10 times [average of 10 responses] 115%
  2. The most helpful part of coaching to me is:
    • 21.4% (30) - A. Explaining to the coach before the call about the call's purpose and objective, my preparation
    • 1.4% (2) - B. Describing my impressions of the call immediately after the call to the coach (i.e. skills I used well and skills to improve)
    • 70.7%% (99) - C. Immediate feedback and written Action Plan from the coach after the call, based on the coach's notes and observation
    • 6.4% (9) - D. Follow-up recommendations and documentation (including coach's notes from the call), sent to me afterwards


    • It was a combination of all these, the whole process was helpful.
  3. What is least helpful to me about sales coaching:
    • Nothing
    • I really did not find anything that could not help me - everything is applicable and useful.
    • Having the "coach" (my manager) ask questions during the call.
    • The nagging feeling I get that we are overwhelming the customer by having extra persons just taking notes.
    • I find my manager’s feedback is based on style differences, not objective data.
    • I found it all helpful. I also think that the call atmosphere is different, probably more structured (better) than normal. I am more disciplined.
    • When coaching calls become joint calls because the "coach" (manager) can't keep still or quiet during calls.
    • Coach's written follow-up afterwards. Immediate discussion (using the notes) more relevant, and more impact.
  4. If someone skilled in sales coaching were available to work with me as a coach, I would like to have coaching:
    • 0% (0) - A. Never
    • 20% (28) - B. Every 4 to 6 weeks
    • 65.7% (92) - C. Once a quarter
    • 6.4% (9) - D. Once a year
    • 5.7% (8) - E. Upon request
    • (3) - no response


    • I think sales coaching is very helpful and important! At the end of this (coaching) year, my sales are up 14%.
    • Thanks for all your help and your wisdom!
    • Change the term from Coach to Observer, Advisor or Consultant.
    • Coaching helps keep me focused, but I don't see how it would increase sales revenue.
    • Coaching helps me have a strategy, especially connecting with ALL buyers in my key accounts (not just the user). This in itself is extremely important because it saves steps and I can close sales with fewer calls. Things both in my career and at home get so busy that any system that saves time and keeps a focus is truly appreciated. My sales are up 11% this year! Thank you!