1. How do you feel about the selling skills of your sales people overall?
    What are their greatest strengths? ...weaknesses?
  2. What is the selling background or experience of your representatives?
  3. What are your sales goals or expectations and how well do they meet them?
  4. What type of sales education has your sales staff had before being employed by you?
  5. What is your current sales education and development program for representatives? for sales managers?
  6. How often does each representative get sales skills coaching in the field?
  7. Over the next 6 to 12 months, upon what skills would you most like your sales people to improve?
  8. What are you looking for in the area of long-range sales development?
    What measurable impact would you expect this to make on revenues and profits?
  9. What do you perceive as sales development priorities from among this list?
    • strategizing and developing the high-stakes sales process
    • planning and managing all levels of the complex sale
    • accessing top executives
    • presenting a business value proposal
    • discovering and understanding customers' priority needs
    • meeting customer needs with a tailored presentation of benefits
    • handling the customer (prospect) who procrastinates or stalls
    • creating urgency and maintaining momentum without pressure
    • preserving personal and professional integrity
    • closing smoothly and effectively, agreeing on actions at every step
    • customer-focused proposals, presentations, demonstrations
    • follow-through after the sale
    • client relationship management
    • prospecting and professional networking
    • time and territory management and organizational systems
    • negotiation
    • continuing education for sophisticated, experienced sales people
    • profit-enhancing compensation/incentives plans
    • automating your sales organization
    • selling and documenting a business value solution
  10. What have we missed?