Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting
Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting
Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting

Testimonials from Clients:

What executives say about working with us:

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We were all impressed with your presentation and are grateful for the good ideas we could put into practice immediately. You did a good job of targeting your information to the audience, leaving us with workable solutions and practices. You also helped create a synergy in the group that was unbelievable."

Speakers Committee Chair, National Professional Association, Washington, D.C.

"You taught me everything I know about negotiation."

CEO, Internet Consulting Firm, San Francisco

"My sales staff and I are very pleased with the terrific sales growth that occurred since retaining you as a consultant. I can attribute this fantastic jump to two factors: 1) The exceptional job you did to build confidence in our ability to control the outcome of our contacts with the prospects and 2) the institution of a company-wide bonus program to build customer service awareness in all our employees. As a result, everyone in the company now has a better appreciation of what it takes to get customers and then to keep them happy. Needless to say, morale is very high. Thanks again, for delivering on your promise to increase our performance."

President, Research, Manufacturing & Distribution Company, New York

"As a rule, I am rarely, if ever, impressed with a consultant, but meeting you was an exception to that rule. I was immediately impressed with your “down-to-earth” approach to find out the needs of our company and what we are all about. You never once “high pressured” or forced your ideas on me, but practiced the ultimate needs discovery techniques by carefully listening and making notes of what I was saying. You also did not pre-determine that our needs were generic and that you already had the pre-packaged solution as most consultants will. Thank you. Let’s get started!"

Director, Training and Development, National Financial Services Company, Minneapolis

"Firstly, I want to tell you that it was my great pleasure and good luck to have selected you to design and present our sales education process. My staff and I came away with so many new attitudes and thoughts about our careers and life in general, that I want to thank you, thank you and thank you. You know its good to be grabbed by the seat of your pants, shook-up, and put back together in such a way as to be better prepared in the work that lies ahead."

Marketing Executive, Health Maintenance Organization, Paramus, NJ

"On behalf of PSA and myself, let me thank you for being our speaker last month. Even 45 days later, people are telling us that your presentation was one of the best ever. Your informative and direct style was most often cited as a trait our members like to see."

Director, Professional Sales Association, Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you for the excellent presentations. As Im sure you could tell from the participants’ reactions and questions, your message is one many of us needed to hear and know more about. Many people mentioned to me that they would like to proceed with the field sales coaching process we discussed. I agree!"

Director, National Health Care Association

"Your material is superb, your presentation flawless and the message timely. We feel that your message served the need of the moment, and we will carry the substance of your message with us into the future."

Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Company

"Your presentation was done very well. I feel it would be beneficial for all of our sales and customer support people - and more managers. The success of this has to rely heavily on the moderator. You were excellent. Great job!"

Director of Sales, International Manufacturing Company

What sales people say:

You are excellent as a trainer. We need to practice the skills you have shown us - and go ahead with the coaching - so that we can become proficient in them. Everyone on our team could use this. Thank you for your no "RA-RA" approach--it's refreshing.

This program needs to be administered by someone who actually does these steps all the time (like this time) - not by a manager who is no longer out in the field.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, strength and hope. You are a dynamic speaker! The examples you give from your own experiences are great! I'd be interested hearing more and getting coaching from you. It was very positive and eye opening. There should be more of this!


Brown and Kirkwood Sales Training, Sales Consulting
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